Sunday, November 27, 2011

Heart List: Castle

Now that my husband is working nights, I find I have a lot of time on my hands. I try to keep busy with useful projects, but sometimes I find myself scouring the television for easy entertainment. One of the shows that helps keep the boredom at bay is "Castle." It's a show about a murder mystery author who follows around a homicide detective, and it is hilarious! First of all, I love Nathan Fillion. No one could pull off the character of Richard Castle like he does. Secondly, the dialogue is witty and intelligent. (Huge points for me!) Thirdly, the story is funny, moving, smart, engaging, and unique. Fourthly, the characters are awesome. Shall I keep going? I anxiously await each new episode, but I also find great enjoyment in watching older episodes (which isn't always the case with some tv shows). I'm glad that it survived the rumors of cancellation, and I hope the show continues in all its awesome glory for many seasons to come.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heart List: Gravy

There are many foods that hold a place in my heart during Thanksgiving. However, I think that gravy is the magic that tops off the deliciousness. It makes food that already tastes good into a masterpiece! I put it on rice (which was always present at our Thanksgiving meals, due to my Asian heritage), mashed potatoes, stuffing (or dressing, as my family calls it), vegetables, I dip my rolls in it... So tasty! My hat is off to you, turkey gravy!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Simple Joys

I'm a strong believer in finding joy through the simple things in life. A wise man once said that people are so preoccupied with finding their golden ticket that they've ceased to appreciate the candy bar. (That is a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory reference, for those who aren't familiar.) This is part of the reason I have my Heart List. It's a reminder to me of all the wonderful little things in life that make me happy. I would be as thrilled as the next person to find a "golden ticket." However, I also just love a good candy bar. One of the best things about being around children is that they savor every last little bit of the "candy bar" that life gives them. I love how excited they get to step on a crunchy leaf. I love their enthusiasm for french fries. I love their passion for creating art with crayons. When people call me childish, I think, "Good! I'd much rather build a snowman than complain about the state of the roads." 

November is one of my favorite months because people take a break from their hectic lives and remember why they are living. It's the perfect time for reflecting on how we are choosing to live our lives, to remember those who have touched our hearts, and to remind ourselves of what's really important. 

Let me tell you about what Thanksgiving is to me. I remember a packed house at my grandparents'--everyone talking at once, and laughter sounding on every side. I remember playing card games with my cousins and playing checkers with my grandpa. I remember my uncle letting me sneak bits of the turkey, and my aunt explaining to me why we called our stuffing "dressing" instead. I remember the sound of my grandma's voice (a sound I've not heard for ten years) bringing order to the chaos of the kitchen. I love these memories. 

And yet, I don't know what I was wearing or what car my parents drove. I don't remember what was on television or if I was in possession of the latest version of the most popular toys. Honestly, I don't even remember who my friends were at that age. I'm so glad that I wasn't too busy texting to play checkers with my grandpa. I'm even more grateful that I took the time to talk to my grandma, because now she's gone. My younger cousins don't remember her laugh, her sense of humor, her down-to-earth advice--but I do. She might have argued that she didn't make a difference during her life, but everyone who knew her would strongly disagree. She was the epitome of simple joys, and I'm so grateful for what I learned from her.

I seem to be rambling a bit. Well, I just wish to express my love for all the simple joys in life and I hope that all of you will take the time to experience your own.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Heart List: Sweaters

It's sweater season, and I heart sweaters! Pulling them out is one of my favorite things about fall and winter. I like how they look on me, and they're super comfy! What's not to love? The only problem is that spring rolls around and I don't have any other clothes to wear. Hmmmm...I may have to rethink my closet. In the meantime, sweaters = happy. (Also, a well-chosen sweater on a guy is very good looking. But remember: choose wisely.)