Monday, July 29, 2013

2nd Edition of Threshold

Good news, friends! The 2nd edition of "The Threshold Child" (which will include a glossary, pronunciation guide, and a map) will be released on August 1st! I'm very excited to release an updated version. There have also been some revisions and edits, and hopefully I've done away with the last of the grammar errors. The feedback I've received has really helped in re-shaping the story, so don't stop sending it!

I will also be doing a promotion day soon, so you will be able to update your version for free (or, if you don't already have it downloaded, you can get it for free in general). I'm not certain which day that will be, so stay tuned for an official announcement.

Until then, keep spreading the word about my book! All of your support has kept the ball rolling, and there have been more than 5,700 copies downloaded! Thanks again to everyone. I couldn't have done this without you. 

Also, I would like to send out a special thanks to my fans in Germany! Outside of the USA, Germany has consistently been the country where my book has sold the most. I've also gotten some very helpful (and kind) reviews, as well as some lovely emails. Thank you for your support!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Legacy of the Blood: Prologue

Here it is, my friends! The moment you (may or may not) have been waiting for! Here is the prologue to the upcoming sequel of my book "The Threshold Child." Now, I should specify that this is merely a draft and not the finished product. However, I am impatient, and it should be pretty close to the finished product. The only things that should change are grammar and such. So, enjoy! Analyze! Agonize! And spread the word that the world of Adesina is about to change forever!


Something wasn’t right.
It wasn’t just the unnatural stillness of the forest. It wasn’t the uneasiness of the horses. It was another sense that welled deep within L’iam’s being that told him that something was very wrong.
He raised a hand to his companions, indicating that they should come to a halt. The soldiers all reined in their horses and looked to their young monarch with questioning expressions.
L'iam scanned the trees with his sharp, golden eyes. The flecks of pale metallic green that swam in the gold of his eyes expanded and swirled, lending them a strange glow. Within his mind he reached out to the spirit realm and connected with the power that set his people, the L’avan, apart from the rest of the human race—the power that was sometimes called “magic” by others, but was known as vyala to the L’avan.
L’iam’s gifts could be used for a number of purposes, but his current concern was to scan the surrounding area for enemies.
It was as if there was some kind of void, and that alone warned of great danger. Even if there were no enemies in the vicinity, there shouldn’t be nothing.
The small movement he glimpsed out of the corner of his eye was his only warning. He barely had time to shout to his companions before they were under attack. The L’avan king drew his sword and prepared to fight. The others quickly followed his lead.
First came the rain of arrows. L’iam watched in horror as a deadly shaft struck one of his oldest friends in the heart. A’asil barely had time to look surprised before he slumped and slowly slid off his horse.
Cries of pain pierced the young king’s ears as two more of his soldiers fell to the ground.
L’iam and the three remaining men sprang into action, preparing their vyala for a counterattack. Ri’sle, eyes glowing orange, sent out a magical wave of force that knocked the arrows off of their path. At that point, however, his actions didn’t seem to matter. The arrows stopped and several shadowy figures emerged from behind the trees.
“Your men need not die, King of the L’avan. Surrender yourself and we will spare their lives.”
The form who spoke wore a pendant with a blood red stone, and L’iam could sense that the pendant was the source of the void he had felt earlier. For whatever reason, the talisman shielded the figures from his vyala.
That was a dangerous weapon in the hands of enemies.
“Surrender yourself,” repeated the shadowy speaker, “or you will all die.”
L’iam hardly knew how to reply. He looked at the hardened faces of his friends and knew that his response wouldn’t make any difference. They would fight as long as there was life left in their bodies.
The figures did not seem interested in his answer—either that or they already knew what it would be.
The enemies of the L’avan moved forward with startling speed and attacked.
L’iam raised his sword and began fighting back. He had been trained by the finest swordmasters among the L’avan, and while he had never attained the same level of skill as his brother, he was still a warrior of renown.
He used his magic to add energy to his natural strength, and he flicked his blade at the nearest opponent. L’iam knew that he needed speed to match his enemies, and he did not waste movements by trying to hack at them.
The young king attempted to maneuver his horse as he harried his adversaries, but there were too many of them and he was their target.
Two of L’iam’s foes held on to the bridle of his horse, while three more pulled him to the ground. His sword was wrenched from his hand, and a numbing blow disabled his arm.
The L’avan king refused to give up, and he continued to struggle until all went black.


To read the next chapter, click here.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Good News, Bad News

Wow, I really have been bad about posting on this blog! I have been really busy lately, which brings me to my good news:

My husband and I are expecting Baby #2! We're very excited, and we hope that Lewis will be, too.

And now for the bad news:

Due to the preparations that are taking place (and my sluggish pregnancy brain), I have not been writing as much as I should. I feel really bad about that, because there are so many of you wonderful supporters that are awaiting the next book with much anticipation. I WILL get it done this year, I promise! It's just probably going to take more time than I originally thought. Regardless of all distractions, I must finish by December (because that's when the baby is due, and if I don't get it done before then, it won't happen for a long time). I hope to be able to finish before then, but that is the absolute time limit.

The first 25 chapters are will my editor, so that's something, right? I'll keep you all updated as I go. In the meantime, I hope to be posting some excerpts very soon. Please be patient with me, and don't stop spreading the word!